Sunday, April 20, 2008

WHAT? "Amarican voters are idiots"

Yes it finally came out that American voters can be idiots because they don't learn and repeat themselves every four years. I've heard people say they want a moral president, I guess starting a war for oil isn't immoral. I guess dropping bombs on women and children and unborn babies is a moral thing if your republican, just as long as you fight against anti-abortion. What the people don't get is how wedge issues which mean nothing and will never be acted on but are brought up to get your vote. If a republican says he's against abortion, he might be but he's never going to do anything about it because it might cost him a vote. They are not going to take peoples guns away but should take Chaney's so he doesn't shoot any other person in the face. Then again you can see what happens when you go shooting while drunk it's just like driving drunk with the same results. I can't see how the American voter elected Bush twice but we never take into the fact he was appointed by the supreme court the first time and the electronic voting machines that were rigged but still they believe they need to vote republican, why they don't know, they think there's something they believe in even if there isn't.

Some of the latest poles show that McCain has a good chance of being elected even thought the democratic voters are coming out in record numbers and even republicans are voting democrat. I just wonder how they are poling and what the sample size is. What gets me is Bush has been gesturing to invade Iran. McCain made a joke about it singing a song from the sixties with the words, "Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran" taken from the song "Barbaraanne." Why don't they pick these things up? A vote for the republicans means a vote for more war and more dead people. Well that sounds rather moral doesn't it.

McCain isn't much of a leader but more a follower listening to the little birds speaking in his ear telling him what to say. So he's not a good pilot and crash. That's no reason to vote him president. For the most part republicans are elitist because they are all lawyers graduating from the top schools. When they play dumb except George Bush, they know how to push peoples buttons calling others as elitist. Everyone in office has gone to school even Bush. Some people have ideas to help people some good and some only to help out there friends at the expense of the people of the United States.

Back to the idiots at hand. There are a lot of uneducated here hanging on to religion as the word and not just using it as one reference book of live and not the only one. That just gets me. All those books out there and they choose to only read one book. Well our school are pumping out children of the none book readers to follow in there foot steps. When they hear a sound byte they don't try to find out it's true. It's got to be true, it's on the TV and they said it so it's got to be true. Even though the country is getting run down by Bush there are idiots that want more of the same.

What gets me about Bush is he believe that going back on a decision is a sin of weakness. This is a guy that failed in the oil business but still wants to think he know what business is about. He keeps "Yes Men" around that won't contradict him so he gets no real input. He's got a wet brain from drinking and that's why he stutters and stammers. He made his money off the Rangers baseball team and through tax payers money. Yet he says he want to cut taxes which only help out him and his friends. He doesn't do anything for the good of the people of America but for the few rich friends of his.

Morals, what idiot wants to vote for a so called moral person that wants to start another war to improve the bottom line of military contractors. Who doesn't take anything said by scientist as truth but looks at it how it would benefit cooperations.

McCain is getting his butt kissed by the republican shadow government, the same people that put Bush in office. The same people that called the "Clean Air Act" as a way to put more coal fired plants in, to put more lead into the environment. To sell people crap stocks and call it good business. That didn't like the numbers of the unemployed to reflect a better outlook. You call these people moral. The richest people how made money last year made it on beating that the sub-prime loan business would fail. Yet the people loosing there homes will vote again for a republican even though they are paying double the price for energy. A president that took a wait and see approach on everything. When the war is going bad, which it's never been doing good at all, sat back and watch things fall apart just so he wouldn't have to go back on his earlier decisions. Generals told him he would need so many troops but didn't listen but fired the general because he contradicted what their grand idea.

This has been the worst president in the history of the country and yet people are planning to vote the same way and like the outcome believing the crap spewed from the TV. Only catching the a brief blurt of what is going on not knowing if it was taken out of context. I'm just discussed at those people that want to believe in myths over truth like science. What's in your little heads, not much because you want more crap for four more years.

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