Sunday, April 06, 2008

What I've seen today

Every day there's always something new to see. It always amazes me on how much I see every day. Some the same some things totally new. It's spring and with spring brings the flowers and blossoms on the trees. That brings in the bees which haven't been out all that much since it's been cold.

I have been making updated bird bath watering bowls for the birds and mammals. Been watching a woodpecker building a nest. Not sure if it's two birds or one bird making a hole on both sides of the tree. He didn't like me getting close to his work as I worked on the bird bath. Even at the water, about 20 feet away, the bird wouldn't come down and start working.

While moving stones for the bird bath I saw a small lizard like creature. It's almost a snake with real small hands and feet. The other day I saw a real small snake not much bigger then the lizard, about the size of a pencil but half the size around.

There were two quail that come by the last couple days. That's real good to see them. Hope to see a lot more. Waiting to see some baby turkeys soon and also baby skunks, maybe next month. Still trying to make up a housing complex for the skunks so they don't need to live under the house. I don't mind, for the most part they are well behaved as far as you can expect for skunks. They sure are miss understood creatures. For me they come up and walk around me and I never have any problems with them. Last year one of the babies would lean up against my warm foot, just like mom.

Humming birds don't even use the feeder and are taking advantage of all the flowers. I got a few great pictures of the little birds while gardening. They don't seem to be bothered to much by my presents.

The varieties of grasses are growing and the deer are grazing on the grass and trees.

Been hearing owls at night. Can't see the stars with the on and off clouds and rain and cold.

Well, "Wait-wait don't tell me" is on so time to take a time out.

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