Saturday, December 17, 2011

Boehner Quest

 photo by AP

"Grover's got his finger so far up my butt, he's pulled my spine out." John walks funny because he houses corporations up his bunghole. Taking advantage of insider trading John invested in the medical industry after the health care bill was past. Since he became speaker he seems to be sober when he's speaking these days. The spray on tan still follows him and rubs off on others saying only what he's told to say. John isn't much of a leader, more a follower like a carrot hanging in front of his face he follows but that carrot is greenbacks of industry telling him what to do. If people ever found out he's only defending the one percent no one would be a republican. Then again republican voters mainly aren't the sharpest pencils in the box. Mostly high school grads they never look what's behind the bumper stickers because that requires reading something voters don't like to do. Like John voters need to be told how to vote. That is what churches do in the republican party. Only a republican voter would vote himself higher taxes for himself and tax cuts for the very wealthy. They would vote for lower wages and less benefits thinking that would be good for the republican party. Yes, republican get out and vote on issues that don't mean anything and they claim it's all about the Constitution some thing they have never read but only heard other talk about. That is the tea bagger for you. Let them keep their guns and second amendment while the bankers rob them blind again. When wall Street implodes again you only have the tea baggers to blame and the defender of the one percent.

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