Friday, December 09, 2011

Broken Antler doesn't get him down

 Not sure how this buddy broke his antler but he's not giving up.  Was watching him practice on a bush the other night. At first I thought the antlers were starting to fall off like they do every year. I was asked if I could tell the black tail deer from a mule deer. Yes you need to be around then to see minor things like their noses. They bread together so many traits are shared.

The deer here have become nice friends to learn from. I'm just amazed in talking to them they seem to know every word I say. I just don't understand how someone can break up a family and harm these gentle creatures. Would be nice to see a hunter stuck on the front of a car going down the road. At least that would be a game both sides would understand.

 Happy female smiles for a picture  next to the one antler buddy

Can't tell if the antler was broken while fighting or it broke off when it was growing in. They are live bone and bleed when damaged. I've seen one deer that spun his antler downward after falling in the heavy snow December 3rd 2008. That was really hard on everyone. I have a couple bags of grain I fed them until the snow melted a week later. There were so many deer here looking so sad and hungry. They need to constantly be eating all the time to stay warm. Grass and leaves are turned into energy but it's a lot of work. That was one of the worst storm I experienced up here. I heard that it used to snow more years ago but has been getting less and less. That storm covered everything knocking down power and phone lines. Took out the transformer here.

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