Saturday, December 17, 2011

P.M. is a B.M

U.K.'s prime minister turns out to be a B.M. defending selling of crap stocks and bonds in the U.K. financial markets. Turns down any deals to stabilize the E.U.. Just amazing how people that caused the economic problems of the world hide behind skirts and get away with fraud causing everyone else to take the loss and pick up the pieces.  Law makers seem to loose there spines and fine a great Christmas bonus under the tree while everyone else gets a lump of coal. It's not even a lump of coal because that's worth something but a promissory note for a lump of coal. Are law makes so weak they can't stand up to the super wealthy who caused all this fraud and economic ciaos around the world. In Asian countries lawmakers would be asked to pull out a long knife and plunge it into themselves. They do because they have a sense of honor. That's a word that has gone by the wayside. When I hear people talking about their morals but do nothing except aid these fraudsters, helping them carry off their truck loads of money to off shore accounts where they don't pay taxes. Evil is evil and it's everywhere. How they can say they are on the side of good is a real joke. It's not good for any country to have this parasites leading the country or in positions of leadership dealing with any kind of wealth. What's worse is they deal with other peoples money taking it all for themselves. At least parasites don't kill the host.

"There is no crisis that capitalism can't get out of as long as the public is willing to pay for it."

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