Saturday, December 17, 2011

Little Buddies

 My littlest Buddy walking on three legs with one tucked under him. I don't know what's wrong. If it's broken or a shoulder problem but he can't walk on it. Feel so sorry for the little guy and want to help him when I can. He's so friendly and likes being close to you when held. I'll call to him and he walks over limping to me, looking up with those sad eyes.

The two babies, brother and sister, one male and one female. They have their winter coats on. The male has a scar on his neck from running into something. There's one more orphan baby they hangs out with the kids but she looks like an outsider the way the other deer treat her. Food is sparse. Deer need to constantly be eating to generate body warmth. It takes a lot of grass and leaves for them to stay warm on cold nights where it's 25F degrees out. Water is frozen in the morning except for the cascading water setup I have for them. The moving water doesn't freeze. They are so hungry at times I see them eating cat food.

Suppose you had a town named after the trees around it but they are dying because of climate change. Do you rename the town of Aspen to something else like Weeds, Rocks or Dirt?

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