Thursday, November 03, 2011

Above the law

Been listening to a few interviews about people mainly in the government that seem to be above the law. Until they screw up big time they get away with everything. They say it's in the interest of the country that they don't even get brought up on charges saying that it would make the country look bad. Jerrold Ford's pardon of Nixon was the first big public pardon. Look forward and not back. That what was said about the Bush war in Iraq and all the lies that created that war. French money man was above the law also. Too big for jail for rape. Bernie wasn't too big for jail and needed to be stopped because he just hurt too many people and needed to be set as an example but for who. All the bankers selling crap and then taking out a beat saying that what they were selling was going to fail. Some insider trading people have been prosecuted but not that many. What happens when you screw up and almost crash the country and world economics you get a post in the presidents cabinet. Greenspan should be one of those people to help pay off all the losses because he wasn't minding the store which he was in charge of. Greenspan should end up penniless because of his actions. Phil Gramm and his wife Wendy should be looked into but they are people above the law. Not even on the fair playing field but able to change the system to make was was illegal changed to make it unmoral but now some what legal. Then the republican are always saying they are the moral party, what a joke. You need a job, a loan from a bank, lost money with your retirement program, republicans pilfered your money. Now they want to get the money of social security so they can steel that too.

Why do the republicans keep saying that they need to fix social security if it has so much money in the trust fund, it because they can't get their hands on that trust fund money. They would take all that money and leave everyone starving in the streets after taking their homes. Just come up with bank papers saying they own your house and kick you out with nothing. Why because they act above the law.

Ever wonder why programs seem to cost way more then you think it should cost? Well they add in fees for friends. That finds it's way into the pockets of election campaigns, build houses for senators, starts wars and hide drug and missile transactions. Then there's the countries we aren't suppose to do business with but when you have a ex-president on the board and a vice president that was your CEO then you can get tankers of oil from these countries. It's good that several EU countries have arrest warrants for some people for crimes against humanity and will end up at the World Court. I was told before by an accounting teach that wars are about land or money. Iraq was about money, oil. GWB had a map of Iraq on the whitehouse wall soon as he moved in and put his staff working on how to invade Iraq right from the beginning. When Bush said, "Now that should do it." after 9/11 and making the case for invading Iraq on a pile of lies. When you lie to the country it's not for the good of the country it's for personal gain and should be treason.

Manning for showing the world how the military was killing people at random and laughing about it as they were doing it never were charged. Seeing the video I wonder how they are living with themselves. Wonder if they are the ones committing suicide for killing innocent reporters and children. How can they justify their actions. Did the military give out blood money to all the families to make the problem go away?
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