Saturday, November 26, 2011

Colors of the day and time of the year

Changing colors and falling leaves. It's that time of year of cold and wet weather. Just hate raking up all the leaves. Does smell nice all the fireplaces going at night. The damp moist air cut through your cloths to let you know you have feelings. One thing about it being cold is you can put on more cloths unlike when it's hot. You spend more time inside in the fall and winter. Nice to see the ground get green with grass after the hot summer.

New visitor this morning. Much bigger then the kit fox but a smaller tail the coyote has learned how to survive with man and takes advantage of the surroundings finding pets good for dinner. It's amazing that a couple coyotes this size can take down a full sized deer. I noticed this guy was sniffing around for something fresh. Just hope they stay away and leave the smaller creature here alone.
Coyote in the morning light

Early bird gets the bug. Watch the woodpecker this morning making holes in the oak tree going after bugs. The bird was on the tree all morning. It would go between two trees and go back to the same spots.

Not looking forward to raking leaves but someone has to do it. Either that or have them stick to my feet when I walk into the house. I raked leaves for two days last week and the place was looking real good. I guess I'll be doing this again soon.

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