Saturday, November 26, 2011

Just a big baby

Relaxed and enjoying a nice dinner of cat food. I really find it so fascinating how close bears are to us except the head shape. They have a vey similar frame as we do. Everything is somewhat the same and in the same places. Yes they can kill humans but that's not in there interest. They mainly eat nuts and berries and just a little bit of small furry creatures like squirrels and rabbits. This little guy a big baby is very shy and runs up a tree if I startle him. I've got to the point where he will sit for a picture and you can see he's very happy and smiling.

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Linda S said...

Bears are generally pretty elusive creatures. We see lots of bear sign in the woods up here, but I've only seen one actual bear up here. I think people get into the most trouble with bears when they surprise a mom with cubs. Or if they come on a very hungry bear who has just succeeded in procuring itself some food and doesn't know we don't care to take it away. I think it's so cool you feed them.