Friday, November 04, 2011

LinkedIn took my Address Book

One day I got a email from a friend asking me to sign up for LinkedIn. I thought it was from my friend but turns out it was a bot, a LinkedIn bot. They sold I'm guessing my address book to spammers. That's when my mail accounts were hijacked. I got a letter from Microsoft after getting tons of returned emails in my inbox because they weren't email addresses but phone numbers, so they didn't email. Microsoft closed my account and sent a letter how to clean up the mess. The returned emails had Russian and other countries some with that use sand-script. I know LinkedIn was pushing to get up it's membership so they could look better when they went public driving up stock prices. They even started placing ads on here my blog page since my email address was in my address book. Makes me wonder if I need to encrypt my whole hard drive for security. That would be rather extreme. They didn't ask if they could steel my address book and mail everyone I know. After signing up to LinkedIn I started getting mail telling me who all has signed up. I have a lot of mad friends because of LinkedIn because of the amount of mail they have sent them. The mail looks like it came from me but didn't. The sites they want you to go to have malware. I'm real glade to hear that their stock price has dropped in the past few days. So dropped out of LinkedIn and I hope after reading this you won't be sucked into the LinkedIn scam.

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