Saturday, November 26, 2011

Puppy Girl

Everyone gets a turkey dinner Out at Bob's. Puppy Girl comes for dinner with her sister and baby. They get along with the kitties, skunks and raccoons although momma raccoon lets out a growl if the babies are there as a warning to stay away from her babies. The kit fox sure is a smart creature and does respond to my voice and hand gestures as good as the deer and bears. She has that classic mark on her nose, that black spot just like the other foxes do. He tail makes up almost half the length of her. I noticed in some books they measure the fox from nose tip to tail tip. As she walks her tails straight out. I think that tricks other animals into thinking the kit fox is much bigger then it is. I haven't seen her hair up close and wonder if it's like skunks hair that grows in two tones of color, half black and half white. If you saw her walking around her you would think it's a tame dog that's been with me for years, it's just that smart.

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