Monday, May 07, 2012

Boehner need a guide dog to lead him around

CBS just had a story about lack of cancer drugs. Congress has been working on a bill to increase meds. When Boehner was asked why it's taking so long to get a vote. Boehner doesn't do anything that helps people. He only protects the wealthy and corporations. He also bought stock in the medical industry after the medical bill was past a buy from inside info which is finally outlawed. So when Boehner was asked what he's been doing for the last 18 months he blamed it on Obama. So what, Boehner needs someone to hold his hand. He's suppose to be a leader of congress but it's clear he's not management material. John Boehner's more of a tosser.. What a bunch of slug spit. So that's the best you can come up with, for doing nothing, blame the president, that he needs to lead you around. Boehner your a looser. Quit playing leader and do something for the country. I thought it was rude that another congressman was cutting in on your press meeting but it's just that your a slacker and he had something to say unlike you. The president is doing his job and can't take out time to lead you around. What John Boehner, your  slow on the uptake? Not the sharpest pencil? The presidents out getting terrorist saving the world from melting down. So, what are you doing besides being an obstruction. Then your he do nothing congress's leader. People that elected you must not be very bright. If that's the best you can do is take up oxygen. Spank on Johnny Boehner.

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