Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Luger, hocked out

Was a good run of 36 years and you did a lot of good before the gridlock. Voters chose a Radical Right Tea Bagger meaning more gridlock. The last wave of Radical Right Tea Baggers brought people that would let the government shut down. They were going to say no and not make any deals. Boehner couldn't heard the cats. One thing people were saying in Lugar's district was he wasn't conservative enough. If you want to keep government working you don't want to elected a radical. I don't believe that this new Tea Bagger will be out crossing to other countries to get nuclear bomb materials away from the world and made into fuel. I think that was a good thing he was doing with Sam Nunn. If voters are going to be electing these sociopaths, I can't see it lasting much longer. The Radical Right Tea Baggers don't do what's good for the country but what's good for them. What gets me is they will say, "I'm an outsider, vote for me." Those same people who have done nothing but hold offices just not one in Washington yet. What gets me about Tea Baggers is they keep talking about the constitution but never have read it. They are made up of basically high school grade people. Maybe I should say non-college attending people. They will vote for people that don't act in their best interests. I can never forget the guy that said, "keep government out of my Medicare." Dude, Medicare is run by the government. Where did you think it comes from? Then they have to show you their guns and say it's our right to arm bears. So when I hear Tea Bagger, I think uneducated hillbilly. I also think they are for getting rid of unions because they are wage earners by the hour and don't think unions do anything for them. They don't want fair costs for medical and vote against anything that the government will do. They buy into the idea that there are too many regulations like keeping the air clean and the water fresh. I'm reminded of a sheriff in tornado alley that said, "The weather is changing and I don't know why." So you elect a rub you get rub laws and non-logical actions.

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