Sunday, May 06, 2012

Puppy Girl on the table

I was sitting on the porch steps with my camera and flash. I thought she was coming in front of me and I was waiting but she ran up on the picnic table. She's such an interesting creature and very smart. I don't know if it's just me or why she responds so well to me talking to her. The Puppy Girl might show up and be sitting on the cedar fence or here on the table. It's like they, her and her baby Sprout come by to see me and wait for me to come outside. When I first saw the mother she was sitting in the shadows. I thought it was this cat that would show up every now and then. It wasn't until she stood up and started walking did I see the long tail. It's interesting seeing the foxes interact with the kitties or raccoons and skunks, they all seem to stay out of each others way. My kitties do like being around the babies of any species. How they know which ones are babies and which ones are older. The kitties tend to go to Sprout while mom sits and watches. There are three foxes that come by. The foxes really have strong legs at least they look real hefty. They are bigger then say a dogs legs for the size. It's amazing to see the foxes walking along the cedar fence, such great balance. They are so cat like in that respect. I'm amazed that the flash worked at this distance about 30 feet. I did have the shot setup for a closer picture.

News was making a big deal about the moon being bigger last night. It was a bright full moon. They said it was closer then normal but I also heard a report on the radio from an astronomer who said it was only a thousand miles closer so that shouldn't make that much of a difference. I think the atmosphere would magnify it more since the air was warm. The news pointed out it was going to have higher tides because it was closer. It might a little but not anything to write home about.

The vinyl records:
Spinning some vinyl record albums today. Sort of interesting how old that technology is and how far we have come since we first started making noise by dragging a needle in a groove. The first recordings made on cylinders really haven't changed much o the flat disk of vinyl. It's amazing how long a piece of vinyl can hold it's shape. I've never done a taste test playing a CD and vinyl record side by side. It's really amazing that a vinyl record could have the frequency response it does. Now with CD's the numbers tell it to play a note at such amplitude. Expander and compression is all done digitally. From all the different software I've used and the file format that can be stored things are always being improved. I just wonder how much noise is generated using digital since it's not pure analog. I was reading about class D amplifiers where it's more a current control of a digital signal. The output voltage is fixed and you have a pulse wide signal applied to a speaker. Bose seems to be doing fine with that approach. Just playing around with the computer software that's out you can have a whole studio in a computer which can do the same thing if not better then the old mechanical systems. Forget the big mixing boards setup the sounds with software on a screen. Since it's a digital signal it always plays back the same no matter how many copies you make of it.

Something about spinning a record album, it's so personal the relationship you have between the machine and listening. For me I tend to play music on vinyl and really listen and not have it as background noise. There's an emotional component to listening to the albums and a time period when I got the album and the artists. I'm playing Frank Zappa's albums today which makes me think of all the concerts where I seen him and his band preform. Brings back memories of time periods and what I was doing then also. Well, on with my day.

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