Saturday, May 05, 2012

Hearing Mit pander to the public looking for votes, saying what people might want to hear. I'm more conservative then he is and to prove it I'll take the country more backwards then the other republicans.

Today he said, "To create jobs we need to cut regulations on gas and oil." That's not going to make anything but dirty water and air and super fund sites.

We saw what lack of regulations did to Wall Street. Bush cut back the over seeing of Wall Street and they almost took the worlds economy into the stone age. Mit also calls for less government, Bush did that too but after 8 years of Bush the government was expanded mainly Homeland Security taking up trillions of dollars to build up a super American spy network. From what I've heard there are collection places in every state, at least one that is. People trying to find out more did find nondescript business building that were four story tall and went down ten stories. Police are driving around scanning plates on cars to see where people are at any given time. Then there's the GPS in your phone, perfect way of tracking everyone.
Mit's calling for more military spending and a bigger military. Who we going to be fighting next Mit? I remember early in the election race when Mit said God told him to take over the world. What's he going to do, force religion on all of us?

What gets me is hearing reporters asking voters questions about who they might vote for. "Well, I like his values," one woman said. What Mit's got values? He's shut down your job and though you out in the street for a profit, is that what you call values? Then there are the people that want to vote for people because of their religious views. What does that have to do with running the country.

Yesterday Mit said, "There should be 500,000 jobs a month being created." Well only 4 months in the history of the country did that ever happen. People, we just got by world economic collapse. Cutting spending by the government is totally the wrong thing to be doing right now. It's good to cut the countries debt but if you cut spending which causes growth then your going to have a austerity caused recession. Just look at the EU and UK both growth has gone backwards because of cuts. The government is the only thing big enough to spur the economy on which helps create jobs. Businesses are going to be risky to spur on the economy because they are nice guys. Corporations are out to make money for the stock holders and don't care about anything else. There is no loyalty to any county by a corporation.

It just amazes me how so called leader are saying less government and less oversight. That's how we got in this mess in the first place. Banks needed to be bailed out because if they failed every ones money meaning depositors money would be gone because of the repeal of Glass-Steagel Act. Banks merged normal banking with high risk investment banking. If anything the Volcker Act wasn't strong enough. The Dodd-Frank Bill got watered down and is weak because of lobbyist for banks and hedge funds. Finding out that for the most part trades and hedges aren't taxed and really should be. For that matter many of these abstract devices that banks come up with, no one know what they are and who has them. It's like Los Vegas without rules. It's like the bankers and Wall Street traders are dealing cards but the dealer gets to see all the cards and your beating your going to beat the dealer. If anything after this meltdown we should have broken up the too big to fail banks and created stronger regulations. We might get by for a while but this is going to happen again. Why republicans fight to save the corporations and not the country just gets me.

I'm amazed that republicans have forgot their roots which was started by socialist. They used to be for the people and now they are the enemy within.

When it came to health care bill that was just past, they say they want the for profit model yet they keep wanting to cut the safety net for everyone that has lost everything do to for profit medical industry. The medical industry needs to be turned into a not for profit business. Same with insurance, nonprofits. When medicine is for profit they only care about getting paid and not your health. The republicans would like you to believe that people want to have this for profit model but 85% of the country wants a single payer system.

When it comes to corporations such as Wall Street, Insurance and real estate they don't really care if you make it they just want the money. When you hear 401K, you think retirement but your paying for some firm to manage your account and take it's cut four times a year. By the time you retire you get what's left. Then you hear republicans saying they want to do this to social security. They are foaming at the mouth over that trust fund money. They want it and want to bankrupt the systems. What will happen, a bunch of old people left with nothing because we trusted the vanks to be honest. They aren't honest. They have no values. They don't care who you are. That's what gets me about voters that vote against their best interest. In dealing with Wall Street, you have a better chance to be playing a lotto. If there's a way of cheating the people on Wall Street will find a way of taking your money. That's their job, taking money.

So next time someone says I like their values and plan to vote for them. Ask them if they have a billion dollars so you can play with the big boys.

Then to believe that corporations are people is another big lie. Mit stands behind that one and said so.

Have you heard the tea baggers talking like they knew something. When I heard a retired man say I want government out of my Medicare, that proved to me people don't know what they are talking about.

What happened to the republican party? They all have been bought off by corporations. They don't work fr the good of the country. The only way they can win an election is through lies and cheating. The votes weren't even finished being counted when the supreme court appointed Bush president.

It really bothers me that people forgot the George W. Bush years. As far as the start of decay of the country it was started by an actor playing president. Taxes are the price we pay to have a civilazation. All those tax breaks in the tax code are because of the high tax rate we used to have. We gave people breaks so they would do things the government needed to be done. Now with the tax rate as low as it is the tax breaks are still there making it so the wealthy not to pay anything. If the top rate was higher and the tax breaks for the good of the country were there that would be more fair. We need to go back to the pre-Reagan years for what the progressive tax rate was. Republicans want you to believe that it would stunt growth but even in the 1950's when it was even higher the economy did very well. So cutting taxes for the rich is just a lie, it doesn't help the country make jobs.

Right now the wealthy are loaning the government money rather then paying taxes and they get interest on that money. Wouldn't be great if everyone could be treated like that.

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