Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Fully loaded under wear

The news just amazes me with the people they get on to talk about security questions and stories.

The reporter will ask, "How did you get the info, did you have a spy?"
Guest, "I rather not say."
Reporter, "How did they improve the under wear bombs."
Guest, "they listen to the news and what was reported to improve the bomb."
Reporter, "So, you think we shouldn't be talking about national security secrets on the news because that would tip off the bomb makers.
Guest, "Yes, we need to stop telling the bomb makers how to make a better bomb."
Reporter, "So this bomb doesn't have any metal parts? Isn't that going to make it harder to detect? What airports are safe for the bombers able to get on planes without being screened?

Anyone listening to the news can and most likely does pass on the info and how they are screening people. As they said in WWII, "Loose lips sink ships." Now you just need to watch TV News and everything will be explained. Myself, I think all you need to say if that is a plot was stopped and that's it. Not how they planned to do the plot and how bombs have been inproved and that you can't detect the bomb by scanning. None of that needs to be reported.

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Linda S said...

If you dig a little deeper you find that the supposed carrier of the bomb was a double agent who volunteered, knowing he would turn the bomb into the authorities. You also find that the inventor of the bomb was recently killed in an explosive hit by an unmanned drone. So far, problem solved. Until the next time.