Tuesday, July 05, 2011

But us rich republican are just cheap

Rich people didn't get rich by spending money. They are penny pincher's and want everyone else to pay there way that includes for national security. Back when "Ike" was president income tax on the progressive scale was near 80+% and the country went on just fine. There were great social programs and no one went to another country to create businesses. When Regan did his tax cut everyone mainly the republican remember that but don't remember the 6 tax increases he had because the tax cuts were so great the county was going to run out of money. Then George H. Bush claimed no new taxes and had to raise taxes to pay for the first gulf war. Clinton said I'm going to raise your taxes and balance the budget and he did. There was a 500 billion dollar surplus at the end of his second term. W came to office and thought he would be cute and win over the people by giving a tax break for the wealthy and a minor check to everyone else. No rich people did anything but put the money in the bank just like it was predicted. We went from a 500 billion dollar surplus to being in debt. How Bush spent 10 trillion dollars while in office still amazes me. He didn't pay for any of the wars and gave the rich outrageous tax breaks. Before the end of his term congress and senate gave themselves a 100% raise while the republicans were still in power. Seems like those benefits they get should be cut. Make them pay for their own health care costs. Let them pay for their hair care too because what they get from the tax payers to keep their hair cut is just ridiculous. It's in the thousands of dollars a month range. Many of the people of both houses aren't insurable but we pay what ever the cost is to get them health care and now they don't want any people in this country to have health care even though they paid into the programs. Why republicans keep saying it's broken and they want to privatize social security when it is where the government has been borrowing money from for years. The government owes social security 75 trillion dollars and doesn't want to pay it back. That's like organized crime getting into the retirement funds of unions. Of course government plays that down and keeps saying it's going to run out of money in some years in the future. If the government paid back what it borrowed it would be just fine but they keep taking money. When G.W. Bush was in office I kept writing that he was doing everything he can to destroy the country and I was right. The republicans pilfered the country. The rich got richer and the working class got poorer. We are at the same place we were when Bush took office or was appointed by the supreme court as president. There hasn't been any growth to the county while Bush was in office. Now we are taking in 20% less income from taxes and fees and the republicans are out to de-fund and break anything and everything while giving tax breaks to the rich and wanting the lesser class to pay for the country. They, the republicans say that Medicare is broken when it works just fine for millions of people. What needs to be changed is both houses need to be placed on Medicare for their health care. Then changes will happen to improve Medicare for all. Why the republican hate all social programs even though before there were this so called conservative movement they were the social party. Now they are the anti-social party and I mean the mental kind. They are social-paths with their idealism. They don't believe in science. Inholf thinks climate change and global warming is a conspiracy even though the rest of the world would have to be in on it. He says it's so scientist can create job security, if that isn't the stupidest thing you ever heard.  It's amazing that most of the religious right broke with the republicans over climate change and said it was a crime not to be responsible for being good stewards of the world. Still slowly they are finding out that republicans aren't the moral party. They are as moral as Michelle's hero John Wayne Gacey the serial killer of her home state. If you look at new reals of hearings where Phil Gramm was defending deregulation and what made Greenspan a disheveled man. Markets can't be trusted at all and the republicans defended this policy saying the market will self regulate. Well we saw what happens there. The market cheats and lies and defrauds people of their money. They bring down other countries while making the country pick up the mess they created. Even if the republicans have their way and getting rid of social security something they hate because a democrat made it it still would only fix the budget for one year and leave many people destitute the year after. Why they want to protect the richest people in the country and I'm not talking about the low end of wealthy making a couple million a year but the people making billions a year with all sorts of tax breaks that common people don't get. Just 1% increase in their income would balance the budget over ten years faster without the Bush tax breaks. Yet they defend the richest companies in the world now that immoral. They don't care about people and yet keep saying how moral they are. They use the voters and harm then with a smile. What gets me is how voters drink the coolaid and think the republicans are going to help them when they are doing everything they can to take their money and leave them out on the street. There you can be arrested for being homeless and put in jail because rich people don't want to see poor people.

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