Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Where were you when....

Where were you Mitch McConnell when Bush spent 10 trillion dollars? Where were you Boehner when Bush was spending 10 trillion dollars? I didn't hear a peep out of spending then but a spending spree. Your not blaming Bush for the problem we have now, why not? Because if you really had a spine you would say it's your fault that the debt is so high. Bush came into office with a 500 billion dollar surplus. What did the republicans do, start a war so Bush could be reelected. Bush had a map of Iraq on the wall from the first days he took office and planned on starting a war for oil and you guys followed him into hell. McConnell you said when President Obama took office that you are going to do everything you can to make him a one term president so you have been blocking progress, making the country worse off, blaming others for your problems, your just an incompetent bigot hillbilly. Boehner your speaker by default and totally incompetent. How did you even get elected, stupid voters? A Boehner by any other name is still a Dick. You can even say your name right, there's no "ai" sound in your name.

You voted yourselves a raise of 200%. You get more money to cut your hair per month them most people make. Free air travel any time you want. Now I found out you sexually harassment people without going to jail because your exempt. You and your family and staffers don't have to pay back school loans because you wrote a law exempting you and your family and friends.

How you McConnell say the lies you say without laughing because the others around you are standing in back of you.  Boehner we all know your drunk so you can say lies with a straight face.

So republicans where were you when Bush and Chaney were on the 10 trillion dollar spending spree? Giving the rich and corporations tax breaks tax and billions. Deregulating everything you could get your hands on bringing us to the mess we are in today. I haven't met one republican that hasn't been out for themselves and not to help the country. Republicans can't win an election without lies and  cheating. Why are you out to destroy the country?

The only thing I see republicans good for is fixing potholes or land fill like toxic waste.

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