Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tea Baggers are ruining the country and world lead by the Koch Brothers

What do the Tea Baggers all have in common, the Koch brothers. The Koch brothers father was the leader of the John Birch Society and now the sons are picking up where daddy didn't do, destroy the country. It's amazing that the Tea Baggers say they are for the constitution but have never read it and quote parts that aren't even there. They talk about history and make it up as they go. From wanting to create another depression to run the country into the ground they are pure evil. It can't be just a simple ideology because they are so radical that the republican party doesn't want anything to do with them like the Christian Right. I believe they are a part of a conspiracy to turn the country into a totalitarian country. One so called Christian leader that will say he's doing Gods work but will be the Antichrist if not worse. If you have noticed people like Michelle Buttman who says she's a Christian and went to a fly by night Christian college and believes in Jesus Christ as her savior but who want to make the poor even poorer and take away the country's safety net. Want to through elderly people out on the street along with the disabled. They want to dismantle social security which is a insurance policy not some sort of free money like they would want you to believe. Michelle's husband is a real nut job too. A radical Christian who thinks he can change people gender practicing junk science. How can you get a science degree from a Christian college when they don't believe in science. Both don't believe in climate science because they were paid to say that by the Koch brothers and Koch industries a oil and chemical corporation along with many think tanks and political groups you may have heard of but didn't think they amounted to much since they sounded patriotic. They are extremist that want to have a working class of slaves. It's a take off of the sudo Neo-Nazi type of idealism. Money and power has been perverted with the Koch brothers. What would be good for the country is if their corporation was nationalized along with other energy corporations like it has been done in other countries. This would make energy fair to the public by dismantling the monopolies.

This corporate take over of America is going to be it's down fall since they have no allegiance to any one country. They are out for themselves and don't care about any country. That's why the corporate sponsored republicans are willing to cut taxes on the rich. They did away with Glass-Stegal act which brought down the banks and the public needed to bail them out to prevent a world wide depression. We should have put the banks into receivership and restructured them into smaller banks. Citi Bank and Bank of America still owes the country a trillion dollars each with interest. The Glass-Stegal Act  should be reenacted. Keep investment banks seperate from regular banks so they won't take risky beats. Hedge funds should be outlawed because it's like Los Vegas for the rich beating on things like funds that would fail after knowingly putting together fund that would fail. Everything on the stock market needs to be taxed and regulated to prevent them from fraud and cheating people.

I saw an ad on TV that said to read the prospectus closely at the end of the ad after telling people what a great bunch of funds and firm they were. As Greenspan found out which broke him from the big economist he was into the dirt-ball he is, a broke man. People listened to him like he knew what he was talking about and it turns out he didn't know what he was talking about. He's just an old man rambling.

Kanter is one that's so full of himself and believes the crap in his book, "Full of Crap" and his video, "So full of himself." I'd like to see Obama slap that smirk of his face. Punch him right in that big nose and make it bleed. No one has ever told him no before and so he just a spoiled man-child. He's the Eddy Haskel of the congress. I'm amazed how Boehner lets him walk over him. Boehner suppose to be the leader but he's snot.

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