Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Getting some loving

Mother and baby exchanging some loving. I'm always amazed at the affection mothers give there babies and how their babies give mothers love and affection. It doesn't matter what animals I'm photographing they all express their love for each other. Whether it's a bird feeding it's baby bird a skunk with it's mother or my kitties and their mother they all express affection. What's real amazing is seeing a soon to be mother deer that's real pregnant come over to a mother skunk and her babies and admire them. She will stand there watching the babies knowing she's going to have babies soon. I was just watching a mother raccoon and her baby. Seems all the animals will see babies and cut them slack. One thing I find real amazing is how several species get along. I've watch the raccoons push aside a skunk and the skunk didn't even stop chewing. The baby skunks challenge everyone even their brothers and sisters. The babies being so small trying to stomp their feet can be real quiet even if there's leaves under them. I really like to two albino raccoons. They tend to get picked on by the others for looking different. Those little pink fingers are really something. All the raccoons do like getting wet and do smell like a wet dog. The skunks only smell when they spray and they don't do that very often. I wonder what ever happened to the one baby skunk that wanted to follow me around. He would come in the house and lay down and go to sleep then would wake up after a few hours and go to the door when it wanted out. When I sit out on the porch it's common for a baby to come up and lay next to me or on my foot and go to sleep. I guess it's the warm body they like.  I hear the skunks making noise and think it's one of the babies. I just have to say forcefully, "Babies" and they stop.

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