Sunday, July 03, 2011

Coopers Hawk

Coopers Hawk. Saved a Blue Jay the other day from being snagged by this guy as it came diving in. The jay made it into a bush where the branches are close together. The hawk couldn't fly in tight like that, it did try though. I clapped my hands and the hawk flew up to the oak tree first still keeping an eye on the jay. I grabbed the camera and started walking closer to the hawk. It moved from one tree to another watching me very closely.  I hear the hawks crying out every day as they fly around.

The deer were here at sunset today like always. A kitfox came up on the porch for some cat food and was more interested in what was out in the yard them me. I told the little one it was okay and it continued eating like it was tame. For a wild animal it sure is friendly. I didn't want to move to get the camera because movement bothers most all the animals. I try moving real slow with the night shift and talk softly to them. The raccoons are resting up in the walnut tree. Been a real hot day close to a hundred. I see the skunks have the same idea and are laying on the cool concrete. The raccoons are laying with their arms and legs hanging over the branches. You would think the skunks would smell but there's nothing like a wet raccoon for being aromatic.

The baby skunks are trying to show off how tough they are. Saw a mother skunk get tired of the baby making noise and stomping it's little feet. With a fast nudge the baby was pushed off the walkway and totally surprised. There are several generations of skunks here. One my oldest male has been here since I first moved in.

Grandma raccoon's here. She's been here also since I moved in. Has a bit of wear to her too. Her tails trimmed like a toy poodle with a ball at the end from being chewed on. One raccoon has a round cut on it's ear and now looks like something sharp fell on it's head. There's a 3/4 inch piece of skin missing. Doesn't seem to bother the girl and is starting to dry up from the other night when I first saw the wound.

It's funny to watch the skunks sit down because their legs are so short like a wiener dogs. With it being this hot they look like a flat skunk laying around. It's amazing when they stand up on their hind legs to get a better view. The raccoons do that too so do the bears. It doesn't mean they are going to attack it's just for a better view. With the shape of their heads pointed and nose way out there it gets close to the ground. They have to be one of the best smeller's. They can smeel stuff that has past in the air and on the ground. They will follow the smell from in the air to where ever the smell takes them. They have musk glands and will rub the side of their heads on the ground to mark where they have been. I'll see them following their scent even in the rain.

It's amazing how much they look like mini wolverines. Big back legs and small front legs. They have long claws on their front paws and do a bit of digging. I heard if you give them enough time they will go through concrete but I think that is because of the determination they have. For the most part they are very friendly and like to explore everywhere. I've seen them and the raccoons snag bugs right out of the air as they flew by. I used to have a gopher problem but think my night shift took care of them.

I haven't seen the bobcats this year. Maybe because I have a cat with kittens. She's a bit on the wild side and hisses at me every time I get close to her. The kittens are something a mostly white one with a light gray tail and white feet and gray ears. There's a black and white one like the father and hangs close to mom. Then there's the little gray kitty that looks just like mom with the long hair just like her.

Still haven't seen the new baby deer, the mothers are keeping them hidden until they can get larger. I'll see the mothers ears perk up and look out over the yard and once in a while take off to check on the babies. It's going to be nice to see the babies running and playing here soon.

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