Sunday, April 29, 2012

Foxy Girls

 Sprout seeing if it's okay by mom to come up and play.
 Puppy Girl, the mother watches as Sprout plays with Dieter.
 Dieter kitty comes out to play with her friend the little Sprout.
Little Sprout gets a close up. It's really cute how they sit and wait for me to come outside to see them. I've been seeing my little friend for a couple years now. Sprout is just the baby from last year and I think there's aa new puppy back at the den. When I first saw the mother I thought it was a cat that had been coming around. It was sitting off in the shadows and I called to her and motioned with my hand to come over and join everyone and she did. I'm really surprised to see how smart the foxes are. They seem to understand voice commands. Maybe it's just me and my bond with the wildlife they understand me. I try not to take flash pictures because it blinds them, so I take as few as possible. When Sprout was smaller it didn't have the black specs in it's fur, it looked white and yellow only. The other night I had the whole group here all three of the foxes, Mom, Dad and the kid. It really amazes me how the kitties act with the foxes and raccoons because they get close and rub on each other. The kitties are about the same age as Sprout. So, it's like kids playing with the same aged kids. EVen as I limp around my pain seems to go when I'm out with my forest friends.

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