Friday, April 06, 2012

Spring Growth & Deer Friends

Shades of Yellow. I really like the deep yellow in the center of the flower, it's so rich. Flowers started coming up in January when we had the warm spell that was like summer weather. Then it started raining and snowing. This pattern started about 5 years ago. The blossoms would start coming out then be hit with a hard rain or snow storm knocking the blossoms off the trees. That made it real bad for fruit. I'm sure it has something to do with climate change. It's also effecting summer month where we have more over a hundred days back to back. There's no delta breeze which normally would bring moist cool air up the foothills and up the mountains. San Francisco is the only opening in the West coast where clouds move through freely. The clouds normally would travel due East but the last five or so years they make contact with the foothills and mountains farther to the North of Highway 80. Talking with people that have been here their whole life, they say the snow was greater before the 1950's. In one area they said they would get snow to the third wire on a barbed wire fence. Near Auburn at Forest Hill they get two feet of snow and it's a big deal because lately it's only been a few inches. Before they would get three to four feet every winter. Last year they got a couple feet and many of the new comers thought it was a lot but the old times thought it was nothing,

Standing on her back legs the deer is eating the tender green sprouts. I was surprised at how long she stood there eating.
Nibbling on the greens, my deer friends like sweet leaves. They are sure fun to be with. To walk around with each other. They follow me to the fruit trees to get apples and plums. They proved to me that they are smarter then people give them credit.

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