Friday, April 06, 2012

Kitties on an overcast day

Momma Kittie laying on velvet green. She finds that moss on the old tree stump comfortable to lounge on.

Daddy Tiggers here to lounge and play with the kitties. For being so wild I'm surprised I got this close. Daddy kitty is so big and baby Tiggers is still growing into it's body. When you mix Daddy kitties long hair and Momma kitties extra long hair, you get a baby kitty with a lion like hair style.

What's interesting about the kitties is they seem to get along with all the wild animals here that are about the same size. They really like playing with the raccoon's. Sprockets gets all affectionate at the sight of some of the raccoon's. The baby raccoon's confused plays with Sprockets after seeing if it's okay with Mother Raccoon. I've never seen cats like these guys. The trees they climb and how they play. One evening as  it was getting dark, Sprockets took off running from the walkway near me to the first tree and went up about 10 feet. Then turned and ran to the next tree and climbed it too. She kept doing that through the trees always climbing up about ten feet and running between the trees as fast as she could until I couldn't see her. It was like she was showing of for me.

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