Saturday, April 14, 2012

So Much Rain... too much rain

Looking North up the creek at the cherry blossoms and water.
Moss covered retaining wall. Cherry trees with the blossoms. Willow trees are in bloom too. That's down in the creek near the cherry trees. I put tarps up over the back porch and side deck to keep the kitties dry and keep the late afternoon sun off the house in the summer. 
Takes a good rain for the creek to flow like this. For a while I thought it was going to be a weak winter and not much rain. This last storm really brought a lot of rain and raised the water table to the point I have wet concrete in the cellar. It's amazing how the grass grew in everywhere even where the water flows. When I first moved in here the water flowed all year round but now it's only in the winter time after a hard rain.
Another view of the creek from the front porch. Before this storm I was going to mow the grass in the creek because it looked like it was the last of the storms and I wanted to knock the weeds down before they went to seed.

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