Thursday, April 19, 2012

Oh no not another computer

There goes another computer. Not sure what all went wrong with the 650MHz computer but it said the hard drive cable wasn't there. I replaced the cable and still said 80 wire cable wasn't there. Tested hard drive on this computer and it couldn't see it. That could be because this computers even older then the other computer. Also found out on DIMM was partly bad. Could only see 130 megs out of 256 megs. Was rather depressed yesterday not as depressed today but don't feel all that great with things falling apart. I tried getting on line with this computer but it's been hit and miss. As I've been testing out the other computer and this one I noticed the one that failed power supply gets way to hot. I have the cover off and it should be even cooler but it's baking hot.

Don't know what it is but it seems I'm dropping more things which makes me mad. Almost tripped on carpet area rug something I've never done before and that didn't make me feel good either. I managed to stay upright and on one leg and didn't have a controlled crash. Something about computers failing and life all the sudden just sucking. I just feel overwhelmed. This computers doing a little better with a little more ram but I need much more for it to really work good. I have Ubuntu on this computer and Novel openSUSE on the other. I've been testing out as many type of Linux to see how they feel and look. I think I put openSUSE on the other computer because it was the only thing that worked on it from all the different copies of Linux I had.

Not sure why the blog is working today because it wasn't yesterday. I couldn't sign in and it just sat there waiting. Got farther on this page and with another Google page  Just drive me crazy when things don't work. What I hate is when it does and doesn't work and nothing makes sense.

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