Friday, April 13, 2012

Linked-In, spyware and address book theft

Hope you didn't get an email from me saying go to this site or to sign up for "Linked-In" because I didn't send that email to you. I did sign up to "Linked-In" until I figured out they planted spyware on my computer and took my address book. Then they started sending me letters asking if I knew these people. Since I know people from around the world it's not random that several names show up together it was "Linked-In" sending my own names back to me. "Linked-In" also was using my mail accounts when I was off line, without any internet to send mail out signed by me with my email account. Microsoft turned the accounts off because of the high volume of mail other then the pattern of mail I'd be doing. I kept wondering why a company would steel names. Then it dawned on me they are going for public offering and need to look like they are a thriving business. Doesn't matter if the names they have are valid accounts. Since it was a machine using my address book it tried sending emails to phone numbers. Those went undelivered and tipped off Microsoft. I have a few friends that are upset at me because of the spyware with my name attached to the emails. "Linked-In" even hijacked my blog and was making posts but I put a stop to that. So why did "Linked-In" come from no where to having a public offering. Is it about take the money and run on an over rated company? Now to figure out how to remove social groups from Hotmail online. I didn't put them there and don't use them. I hope if you get a email from a friend that your friend really sent the email to sign up to "Linked-In because most likely the mail list or address book was stolen and if you open the email up that you will get spyware that steels your address book and email accounts and passwords.

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