Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Started raining about midnight lastnight. The wind was wiping though here at a unbelieveable speed. I thought it was going to rip some of the trees out. The oak tree in the front yard was moving inches which I never seen before because it was close to the base of the tree.

That flying of the ladder number I did last week has still slowed me down. You don't get to fly 10 feet into the ground and feel good over night. This sleeping is getting to be excesive. The pollen is doing a number on my too. The runny wet eyes and wet nose make me feel some what dinged out. Well the pollen from the Walnut tree is almost over.

Think I'll take advantage of the cold spell and do some work in the attic. Need to get my alarm in, put some foil on the roof to reflect the heat. Need to work on the venting too. The fan works but when the vent closes the air can't get out. Then there is the problem of no screen on that vent.

Well it llooks like it's going to be an early night tonight. Just haven't been able to wake up all day. Must be the rain and dark day.  Maybe it will be better tomorrow, maybe see some sun. I've always been one to be a sun peson. If I'm in the sun durring the day then I like to or able to stay up at night.

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