Sunday, April 10, 2005

What about data mining?

I was just think, again, that the "Patriot Act" where as the government gets to check out our reading habits at the library, is more then just that or could be. We know how credit card companies use our buying habits to predict what your going to buy next. Even what food you like and car you drive and want to drive. Where you want to go on vacation. Did you ever think what OnStar does for the government? It's like LowJack keeping track of you and your car. What about that cell-phone? A little GPS sending unit that keeps track of your where "abouts" going from cell site to site. As they used to say, close enough for horse shoes and hand grenades. Now the government is using data miners to predict your habits too. Is he a terrorist or could he be one. What's he reading on the web? What politics do they want to hear. What will they believe. It's a media circus and the G-Men are pulling the strings. They sold us a war and blamed it totally on the people that were suppose to know what's going on in the world. When they called it a rush to war, it was because if we hung out to long we would find out the truth and then no war. Right now the government is fighting the VoIP companies becasue the signals are encrypted. You can do that with your e-mail but like anything it can be cracked.
Tom Delay said it was ten year in the works but in Mike Moore's movie it's evident that no one read the bill that they were signing. I guess you can compare it to the credit card companies telling you 0% interest, then the fine print says for 6 month. Then after that the annual interest will go up to 18 percent. Then more fine print, if you screw up in any other part of your finance your rate will jump to the max of 25% annually. They used to call people like loan sharks but that was when life was still the American Dream and you could have one.

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