Thursday, April 07, 2005


Yes it's raining again. Critters are outside getting a bite to eat. Some of the hens are walking up onto the porch but the squirrels chase them off. Sunflower seeds are everyone's favorite. I still see them eating corn and bugs. The bug patrol is when they are scratching the leaves and looking of the good juicy bugs.
Think the pentax battery is dead. Can't get the LCD to come up. Was trying the 500mm lens on it since something isn't working well with the Canon's. I'll figure it out but not right now, it's raining and I want to just lay down and stay warm. Such a nice green outside with the low soft light. I'd need a long exposure to get one of those. Maybe I'll try it with the 10 second countdown.
Out at Bob's
Nature, you can't live with out it.

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