Sunday, April 17, 2005

Word of advice....

Always leave enough food outside for the critters. If they know your home and didn't come out, they become revengeful. They start chewing on anything and everything like Kenwood speaker grills you have on the porch. Didn't matter there wasn't any food value it was my value to them that the squirrels attacked.

I had a squirrel a couple years ago take a brass water fixture up the tree and drop it when he was over me from some 100 feet up. As I went for the nozzle, then I was attacked by red ants where the squirrel dropped the nozzle.

I also had them run off with one glove and then hide it from me. Drove me crazy looking for it

Still trying to recover from the fall the other day. Been sleeping a lot and not moving to fast. I feel like I've been in an auto accident. Have to keep reminding myself, I'm not a kid, I'm not indestructible, and what I see on TV I can't do. (Ha-Ha)

Lower left quadrant is still hurting and been having the skidders since I fell.

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