Saturday, April 02, 2005

Great Observation

The little fuzzy thing I thought was an ugly cat turned out to be a Bobcat. Just a bit bigger then the house cat. Looked like it had a mind of it's own and was using it.

I hooked up my squirrel cam. Not to good at night but good at dusk settings. Going to set it's focus real close and put a pile of seeds in from of it see how many pictures I can get. Close-ups!

Wrist are still feeling funky after the two cortisone shot in them. I think they will feel better in a couple days.

Still working on my horizontal TV antenna.. Just doing a bit of beefing up and making it a bit stronger and more directional.

Happiness is a working calculator!

Bed room door is almost finished. Need to do some shaping and sanding. A little filling of the molding and screws.

Need to do some chain sawing after this last rain. Got 12 - 14 inches in a bucket which works out to 12 - 14 feet of snow up top.

Living here it's either wet, wet or dry, dry, dry weather. Prevention of water damage is very important. Also, dry wrought is an summer destroyer. It's amazing that anything is still standing here after 150 year. The stone work was don good. The Victorian houses did a good job of following good building practices. I've seen some wood work that is failing after just a few years. Craftmanship is something that is dying out.

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