Wednesday, April 20, 2005

How do you know when you live in a big city?

Twenty some years ago I was working in Los Angeles, that when I noticed the rush hour sirens. Every afternoon about 3 PM the sirens started. At first I was like a moth to a flame running outside to see what was going on. My older brother ask, "What are you doing, it's only a siren." I could get over the amount of sirens every day. Living in Orange County I didn't hear the sirens like that every day. It wasn't until a few years later then I started to notice the sirens about 3 PM every day. It was slow in coming but it came as the county developed and more traffic.

Moving to the mountains and in a small town, I noticed the same thing, the 3 PM sirens. People coming from down the hill coming home a break neck speed rushing through traffic like it was some sort of race course. Every day there is the "they stopped and the others couldn't." Then there is the one car roll-over's or one car crashes. Going to fast for a turn, listening to the radio and changing the channel or talking on the phone and forgetting your on the road. I can't see how some one can be on the phone, driving and shift the transmission. Some how that doesn't make sense at all.

All in all, you know that the city is getting to big when you start hearing the 3 PM sirens.

Quail are up side. They look so cool running around in pairs. Turkeys are on the fence picking feathers. I went down the road with the weed eater today. The birds love it. I can see them scratching through the cuttings.

I put some dried cherries on the porch today and the squirrels found them. There's only little scrapes left when I checked where I put them.

Well, time to kick back and take off my boots. I'm glad I took the time to clean up my old boots. If you take care of boots they can last a long time if you buy good boots. These are, my old good old climbing boots made by Lowa in Germany. I haven't seen any boots like this in any stores these days. I paid $225 dollars in 1972. I wonder how much they would cost today. Funny thing, these are 5 pounds each and these aren't my heavy boot. The other boot, my High elevation boots are two boots in one. You put on the first boot which you can use to walk around camp and stuff. Then you put on the other boot over the top. Lowa made a pair like that to go to the top of K2 and Everest. These are Swiss made for there Army. How about that, Swiss Army Boots.

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