Saturday, April 09, 2005

What a great day.

Foot is killing me but I did get a few things done around here.
Had my big boots on the Lowas.
Turkeys hung out most of the day until dusk.
It's fun watching the birds but I found a dead robin.
I think he died of the cold.
Don't know if it might be something else like some virus.
Worked on a couple antennas.
One for the alarm and the other for the TV.
That beam should make things come in a lot better.
The little squirrels can't stop eating.
One day one of them will explode from eating to much.
Haven't seen any deer in the last couple days.
Bobcat was here last night for the turkey and chicken bones.
That could have kept them away but I have noticed when the weather is bad they come around.
All and all the day was rather warm and sunny.
Hope tomorrow is as good.
Maybe I'll hang the TV antenna.
Right now, getting tired and need to eat.
Then maybe sleep or watch a movie.
Nothing on the Tube but junk so I might put in a DVD.

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