Sunday, April 03, 2005

Long day

Had to take a mid-day nap today. Put in the new spot light, light in the kitchen. Started that at 7 AM and finished around 11 AM. Had to take in my Saturday morning NPR Station.

Was thinking about Greene's 11 dimension string theory, which I like to call wave node theory, it's just a little cleaner that way the way things work out.

Been thinking of a way of setting up a multi-visual astronomy base here. Going from low frequency to light. If I could get the e-ray maps to fit to my system it would give you a good view of what's out there and what time it is. The question what time is it really? Speaking relative to the rest of out known universe. Based on the big bang and constant expandtion, there must be other "universe" out there too. It's just that we never over lapped or maybe we did and haven't seen them yet. They are to far in the past. It's to bad we can't make a computer model to place the universe as it is now, in real time. No lag time like the edge of the big bang. Some where in space there is a large shock wave traveling out there. Wonder if it's slowing and at what progression. We know the heat decay.

Rain is on the way, going to check NOAA before I get off here. Need to find out if I can do some of the concrete work to seal the one side of the foundation.

The apple tree that fell over last storm I propped up and it seems to be growing again. Thing I'll give it a vitamin fix tomorrow. I just hate working in pouring rain. And to think, there was a day I'd think anyone that couldn't drive a bike in a driving rain or snow storm was a woos. Must be getting old. Had to use bi-pods to set the tree right. Those days of muscling up a tree with out aids are over. Bi-pods, tri-pods, pullies and ropes and cables are the way to do it. It takes longer and I never thought I'd be applying physics this way instead of making tin cans land on a dime. Wonder how Robin's father is doing, he did do the equasions for the "Apollo" moon trips. Some thing cool to through on your resume.

The other Robin, Wonder if she still where's the ring I gave her. That was a love that just went wrong but we needed to grow. Wonder what would have happened if we would have gotten married. It would have been a real difffernet reality.

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