Sunday, April 10, 2005

Good morrning "Critters"

Event one's here, well not everyone Bug Buddy and four of his friends. The boy's really didn't hold back from me today. Big Buddy was always in the front of the pack. One of the guys which I should call him "Mister Magoo Eyes" because of the loose skin around his eyes. You really can see the emotions of the deer when he looks around. They all have little buds starting on their heads. Wish I could find out where they drop all their antlers. They still have their winter coats but that should thin soon. One of the turkeys was trying to protect the pile of grain I tossed but that didn't keep that long.
Have one hungry squirrel on the porch already. No hens yet.
The Republicans keep saying the Demarcates need to put a fix on the table but it just shows that the Republicans have nothing going on. The Republicans are a bunch of whinny name callers and that is getting old. Bush keeps telling people to invest in stocks and bonds but what if they are all junk bonds like what went down during the first Bush administration. That's when they Wall Street walked off with 7 trillion dollars. Sure they were fined but it was only $1.2 billion dollars which just shows you how insecure the stock market is and how much you can loose.
Bush wants to give us a "New Deal" it's "kiss your ass good bye deal."  If I didn't know better, it looks like he's trying to make the world so unstable so the rich can pick up the pieces after the worlds economy collapses. He got his drilling in Alaska, He's still working on drilling in the "Rocky's." Why aren't they going for the oil off Florida, because Jeb says no, no he want' Jeb to look good enough to run for President then they will start drilling there. If you ask me, Bush wants to send everyone into poverty for low wage workers. It's not about just the old but there is a lot of people collecting because they became disabled or parents have died. If anything we need to cut the retirement founds going to Congress and the Senate. For every one congress person, you could take care of a 100 people. Congress people are generally rich people anyway so why do they need to take such a cut of the taxes.

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