Friday, April 08, 2005

Still raining.....

Well, having a bad weather day, again. The sky is getting lighter but the storm is still moving this way at 10 miles per hour. From what I hear on the radio there is a tornado and severe storm warning until 6:50 PM.

Now that Terry and the Pope have past, what about that "Marburro Virus" in Angola? Just a passing threat or something to worry about. Well, it's in Africa and for the most part it's been hands off for the white countries. Let them run themselves into the ground and let the White's pick up the pieces when the worst is over, I guess. They say this virus is worse then the E-Bola virus. Wonder why it's not in the news?

Been going over some of my old notes and videos. Forgot so much over the years. For that much the world has forgot so much. It's day to day and hour to hour and not year to year, no long term planning. It's what's the price of gas today. "Oh, by the way, we are going to drill for oil in Alaska's wild life sanctuary."

I can hear the 2 meter hams coming up the hill complaining about the weather. Good thing I'm inside.

Going to cook a turkey tonight, not one of my buddies but a store bought one. 12 pounder. That should last me a couple weeks.

Been changing my front side bus clock and it seems to speed up the computer. Not sure if it's hurting anything. If I can I'll keep pushing it until it's not going to run any faster but stable. So far the front side bus clock is set at 142 and that works out to 284 and that pushes the system to 2.0 gigs plus as it says in easy inspection. Good thing I have lots of fans in the cabinet. Think I'll get off line and push it 2 more and see what happens. The worst is that it locks up and I have to rest the BIOS.

Lot of one car accidents out today. Morons racing home in the rain rolling over.

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